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inspector_about2Inspectrum has been providing property inspections in the Greater Chicago area since 1995. Our mission is to provide the highest value by producing the most informative, thorough, complete inspections in the industry. As the best property inspection company in Chicago. Inspectrum has completed over 30,000 inspections since opening in 1995.   seperator The Inspectrum Team


Trusted, Professional, Thorough

Julio Home InspectorMentored in the business by Ward Rinehart and Stewart Hammer, Julio Neira has taken a successful company and developed a style of inspection that is thorough, efficient and informative. The Inspectrum way is a formula of conducting home inspections that are not only in depth and thorough but also informative and educational. This formula been passed onto all inspectors at Inspectrum helping the company go from 700-900 inspections per year to more than 2000 per year. Since being hired in 2001 Julio has conducted over 6,000 inspections of condos, town-homes and houses from the late 1800’s to brand new Leed Certified houses and condos of today. This extensive experience has helped Julio bring a high level of understanding on how building systems work together, how they age and how to best communicate this info to clients. The passion Julio brings to the business is easy to see and the main reason for the incredible success Inspectrum has had over the last 20 years in the business.

Michael Home InspectorA 1990 graduate of Monmouth College, Michael initially enjoyed a successful career in corporate restaurant management in the Chicago area and he eventually opened his own restaurant in Key West, Florida. After too many long nights and lost weekends, Michael Jakubec was encouraged by a family member to return to Chicago to join a residential real estate property management and development group. In 2007 he became a licensed Home Inspector and joined Julio and Inspectrum having now performed 3500+ inspections. A resident of the Kenwood/Hyde Park neighborhood, he is familiar with the unique challenges that come with inspecting older, historic houses and condominiums but also has the knowledge of inspecting for builder quality and precision on new construction. seperator

Lisa Home InspectorLisa Olson, a sixth generation Chicagoan, began working as a Home Inspector in March 2012 after graduating from American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT). Lisa’s father and brother have been working together since 1999 as General Contractors for the family business that began 35 years ago. She grew up with background knowledge of quality rehab and construction techniques and an appreciation for the business.

After graduating from NIU, Lisa worked in downtown Class A high rise buildings in capacities including corporate concierge work and corporate property management, as well as, coordination of conferences and events in a hospitality roll. Lisa brings her skills of working with people, detail orientation and love of the Chicago area to her career as a Home Inspector with Inspectrum. Lisa worked at another local company until July of 2014 when she joined Inspectrum and has performed over 1,800 inspections in the area in properties up to 10,000 square feet.


final-anthonyAnthony Augello – grew up in a house full of handymen learning the in’s and out’s of home ownership early. In a previous career as a restaurant manager, Anthony found a passion for educating and helping others which he now applies to his work today.  After graduating from American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT) and completing all of the licensing requirements he received 9 months of extensive hands on training at Inspectrum under the guidance and expertise of talented team assembled. Several hundred inspections later, Anthony brings together his knowledge and passion for his career as a member of the Inspectrum family.


final-mariMariaelena Tovar (or Mari as we all know her) has been with Inspectrum since 2013. She was hired as office administrator, but does so much more. She brings more than 20 years of expertise in customer service to this position from various industries including residential property management. You will most likely speak to Mari if you call our office during normal business hours or on weekends. Mari’s friendly demeanor, positive energy, efficiency, dedication and attention to detail makes her a joy to work with and a valuable asset to our company. Mari is also bi-lingual in English & Spanish.


Brian Tomko is the newest member of the Inspectrum team.  Brian comes to the company with over ten years experience in real estate support services ranging from home staging to training and managing individuals to take on-site measurements to produce as-built marketing floor plans; he is also a skilled CAD draftsman.  Brian has been interested in how mechanisms and systems work, and are put together, ever since he worked at an independent hardware store in high school.  In 2016, he decided to combine his skills, interests, experience, and general knowledge of home systems and real estate, and in July of 2016, he passed the Illinois Home Inspector License Examination.  Beginning in August, he trained in the field for five months under the guidance and expertise of each of the Inspectrum inspectors, and assisted with several hundred home inspections.



Inspectrum provided a single-family home inspection, as well as an electronic report of the findings. Julio arrived ahead of schedule, and because the realtors were there, got in and started working right away. When we arrived at the scheduled time, he stopped what he was doing and had us follow him as he checked everything inside and out. He was very thorough, and answered any questions we had whether it was related to that specific item or not. He not only gave professional advice, but personal advice on things that he had done in his own house. Not only was he professional, using a tablet to record everything as he went allowing a well put-together electronic report to be sent to us (in under 24 hours no less) but he was also funny, and very easy to get along with. When you go into an inspection, you’re slightly nervous about what’s going to be found, but he kept things light. He mentioned he’s been doing this for about 10 years, and it shows. Great experience, and would recommend Inspectrum, and Julio, to home buyers.
Jenny Jordan – 4/22/2014
They inspected a home I was considering buying. Overall it went very well. They were very thorough.”
Patricia Costello – 4/18/2013

We worked with Jeff at Inspectrum who I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a thorough inspection.
Jeff was very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to explain everything he was assessing. He took the time to walk us through things like basic maintenance of our HVAC and boiler systems which was much appreciated given that this is our first home purchasing experience.”Thanks Jeff!
Tom J. – 9/8/2014

I was referred to Inspectrum by my Realtor.  I called and spoke with Mari and she was able to schedule an inspection during the very busy New Years holiday week. She was exceptionally courteous and professional and followed up immediately with a confirmation email.
We arrived at the appointment time and Lisa, our inspector, was already there.  From the get go we could tell that this is a top-notch, professional outfit.  Lisa guided us through every step and performed an extremely thorough and exhaustive inspection.  The report we received the next evening was 42 pages long and detailed every single aspect of the inspection.  Not only is Lisa highly qualified, she is also delightfully personable and very friendly.Thankfully the home we want to purchase is in very good shape, according to Lisa’s inspection. But I am convinced that if there were major issues with this property, Inspecturm would have discovered them.  Very highly recommended…..and ask for Lisa!
Jodi S. – 1/05/2015

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